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Nevada Medical Assistant Education and Career Opportunities

Whether you're looking for a Nevada medical assistant school or you're ready to start your career, you'll find quality educational and professional opportunities in Nevada. And if you enjoy culture, history, outdoor sports and adventure, Nevada really delivers.

Ski in the morning, hike in the afternoon, enjoy fine dining and some of the world's greatest entertainment—Nevada promises excitement for individuals who crave an outdoor life style, and tranquility for those in the mood to take in the desert sunset.

Nevada Medical Assistant Schools

Las Vegas is home to several Nevada medical assistant schools, including Pima Medical Institute, one of the leading career training institutions in the western United States. At Pima, you can earn your medical assisting certificate in nine to 10 months, and Pima's course work incorporates the techniques, procedures and hands-on training essential for certification.

Reno offers the Career College of Northern Nevada. Medical assistant course work at this school will lead to either a diploma or an associate's degree, depending on which program you choose.

Medical assistant students can also pursue their degree online, whether they live in Nevada or elsewhere. Like traditional classroom education, accredited online medical assisting programs typically require hands-on training that you must complete at a hospital, physician's office or other health care setting.

Nevada Medical Assistant Licensing Requirements

Currently, no state requires medical assistants to be licensed in order to work in the field. However, over 90 percent of medical assistants choose to get certified, so certification greatly enhances your credentials and will make you more competitive in the job market. In addition, some employers may require medical assistants to obtain licensure in order to perform certain procedures.

If you plan to work in Nevada, reviewing a broad sample of job ads for the state will give you a clearer picture of the types of certification that different employers prefer or even require.

Nevada Medical Assistant Job Prospects

Medical assistants belong to one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 35 percent job growth in this field through 2016, and the job market remains exceptional in most states, including Nevada.

According to, Las Vegas offered 2,410 jobs for medical assistants in 2007, the highest number of medical assistant jobs for any Nevada city. However, medical assistants will find more jobs per capita in Carson City and Reno.

Nevada Medical Assistant Salaries

At the national level, reports that the 2008 average annual income for medical assistants ranges from $25,837 to $30,633.

In Nevada, reports that medical assistants in Reno receive the highest median annual salaries. Across the top three Nevada cities for medical assistant careers, average 2007 annual salaries and available jobs break down as follows:

City Average Salary (2007) Jobs Available (2007)
Las Vegas $29,530 2,410
Carson City $30,550 130
Reno $33,620 700

Take the First Steps Toward a Medical Assisting Career in Nevada

Nevada presents some exceptional lifestyle and career opportunities for medical assistants interested in living in this state. From Nevada medical assistant education opportunities to job and salary prospects, this state offers some competitive advantages to students and practitioners looking to make their mark in this growing health care field.

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